Man: Have you ever fallen in love?

Woman: No.

Man: Why…?

Woman: Because….. I don’t know how to fall in love….I don’t know what it means to fall in love….to be in love.


Man: How come? It sounds strange. You are a poet……you write love poems.

Woman: That is why I am more confused. Writing about it makes me wonder even more.

And my poetry is not about myself. It’s about how one “anyone” feels in love.


Man: So you don’t know “How to fall in love?”


Woman: Yes… I don’t know.


Man: Falling in love has no “How to”. It just happens. It means it never happened to you.


Woman: Yes it seems…..


Man: OK! I can buy that but how is it possible that you don’t know “what it means to fall in love.”?


Woman: Because there is just a thin line between love and liking. Sometimes we just like a person and we think we love that person. Milton fell in love 40 times. Did he really love all those women? How many of times it was just a liking he himself may not have known.


Man: Romeo and Juliet surely loved each other. No?


Woman: We don’t know what might have happened, had they survived and got married.


Man: But if we just could freeze the time for them and put all the might have beens aside…we can say theirs was a true love. It was love.


Woman: So it has to happen just once in a life time of a person?


Man: Yes if it is true love.


Woman: Sometimes it really is a true love but it’s just followed by a betrayal after some years.


Man: Betrayal..?


Woman: Yes Betrayal. Is it not a betrayal if you fall in love again with some other person?


Man: But it just happens just like it happened the first time.

Woman: So does love come with a life time guaranty or not?


Man: Love is a feeling and feelings can’t be permanent.

Woman: Isn’t it confusing? If love is a feeling how it can be permanent. Feelings are never permanent. So love could be ephemeral. Dr Seuss  once said “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” But isn’t love itself a dream? Sooner or later you wake up from the sleep and the dream ends.

Woman: In most of the cases love is infarct self love in disguise.

Man: Self love?

Woman : Yes deep down we want that person to love us more than we  love that person.

Man: We do not do it because of self love. Its quite natural to desire love in return.

Woman: Sometimes love is very narcissistic. In that case it is just another form of self love.  

Man: You sound very anti love.

Women : do I? 

Man: Yes you do.

Woman: I am not anti love , I just think its the most misunderstood phenomenon.