Following is the list of my opinion pieces , stories and poems published on Scriggler.

My Dream Interpretation

Sound of the Rain

Half Empty Glass

The Gift of Fire

Butterfly Song

What’s On Your Mind?

A Dialogue about Love

Four Short Poems

Love Me The Way I Should Be Loved

A Heart Has So Many Gates

Can I simply Disappear

Too Little Too Late

Faint Image


Many Years Back In Jamshoro

At The Darkest Hour

A Road And A River

The Last Lonely Bird

In A Different World

Unarmed But A Conqueror

Friend or a Foe

There is A Flower In Every Heart

Lost Everyday

Flower On The Nile

Two Rivers

You Made My Day


Handle With Care

Sufism – As an Art of Seeking

Flower and The Petals

Morning Glory

Love Changes Many Things

What I know About Myself

Some Thoughts on Motivation

Its Love

Falling Leaves

Golden Bowl

A Nightly Morning

A Pond Smiles

Please Don’t Cry Till December

The Sea of Abundance

Commit To Something

Our Magic Mirrors

The Rescuer Part (2)

Climate Change : We need to Think Beyond our Borders

My Courage is My Wings

The Rescuer Part (1)

You Make Me Feel The Feelings

From Utter Despair To Hope

Climate Change

This Door Is Harder Than A Rock

What’s In a Name?

Love Is Just The Same

Brave In Love

Once It Was a River

One of Those Days

Gypsy Heart

Me and My Soul

Happy Birthday Anita

Love Is Like a Cactus

I Am Free

Night Falls Like a Curtain

Help Me Find My Memories of You